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Archipelago is a provider of online payment acceptance services integrated into your website. Created especially for small businesses in Nicaragua. Increase conversions by accepting credit cards online and get monthly wires transfers to your local account.


Case Study

Isleta El Espino
El Espino Travel

The team at El Espino, S.A was frustrated that they couldn't accept cards through their website due to local banking challenges; resulting in delayed payments, lost conversions, and high operating costs.

In addition, their transportation and experiences booking platform eliminated access to credit card numbers altogether to comply with new security regulations. And they were concerned that their hotel reservation platform was going to do the same.

So they set up Archipelago Travel, LLC to help solve these issues. Archipelago integrated seamlessly into their reservation platforms to collect deposits the moment the customer clicked "SUBMIT''. It was painless and now transactions are smooth and back office labor is reduced considerably.

In addition, they can now send electronic invoices payable by credit card for special events and retreats and get paid faster.

If you own or operate a small business in the hospitality sector in Nicaragua, get in touch with us about our range of payment collection services. We offer low commissions and easy set up.

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