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About El Espino Travel

Our beliefs about travel and tourism

  1. Tourism should be a light touch on the land and culture.

  2. Tourism is a worthwhile activity only when it is beneficial to the community and the environment at least as much as for the tourist.

  3. Tourism should provide meaningful employment, entrepreneurship, and opportunity with living wages and benefits.

  4. Visitors should gain greater understanding and empathy for the environment and culture through engagement.

  5. It is possible that tourism should result in a net improvement of the environment and community of context.

How we aim to do this

  1. We have designed activities and tours with these goals in mind and make conscious choices about our partners.

  2. We employ local vendors with local employees who pay fair wages and benefits. We promote female empowerment and entrepreneurship in our choice of partners.

  3. We promote forest preservation and reforestation programs.

  4. We believe in animal welfare and only work with ethical horseback providers and farm enterprises. We do not promote any activity that includes captive wild animals.

  5. We don't always succeed but undertake a program of continual evaluation and improvement.

We welcome your feedback on how we can do better.

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